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Saturday, October 24, 2020
Accessible only by long tail boat are the two beaches Tonsai and Ralay. You can switch between the two during low tide by crossing a small piece of land that divides them. Many outdoor enthusiasts will join you for the beautiful water to scuba dive, kayak, and glide on a long tail boat. After a long day...
The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and like many capital cities you will notice distinct architecture, towering skyscrapers, and friendly locals. Explore the nightlife and local restaurants but when you are ready to leave the city for an outdoor exhibition don’t forget to visit the Batu Caves. 400 million-year-old hills made of limestone with...
Have fun climbing in this beautiful country. Explore more at our Climbing page.
From the experienced alpinist to the newbie snow shoer all are welcome in the PNW. If you are looking for a challenge there are two 14ers (peaks above 14,000 ft) located in Washington and California: Mt Rainier (WA) and Mt Shasta (CA). Not to be outdone, Oregon also boasts the beautiful and dangerous Mt Hood -- although...
Adventure Begins Kayaking
Your adventure begins here. Regardless of what your visual wish list is you can find it here! You can find adventures regardless of the time of the year or weather. We Are Travel Girls wrote a blog...
Mallorca is an amazing Island off the coast of Spain. And it's full of beautiful Villages, Cathedrals, and beaches. Mallorca Island is the ideal holiday getaway. Where you can...




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