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Funky Gdansk

Most of the buildings that you will find in Old Town were reconstructed after WWII and contain late Gothic, baroque, and Dutch architectural designs. If you have visited parts of Southern German or Dutch towns you might see similarities with the pictures below. During your trip to Gdansk, I would suggest trying to photograph The City Hall, Neptune Fountain, Royal Castle, and Dom Uphagena.

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Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains create a border between Poland and Slovakia and boast the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains that arc through Eastern and Central Europe.

There are two Nationals parks, one for Poland and the other for Slovakia, however, the Slovakian side is over three times the size of the Polish National Park.

Your trip can be as intense as a hike to Morskie Oko Lake or relaxing as a thermal springs spa day by cable car.

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Explore Statues In Krakow

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland and entered the European Capital of Culture in 2000 and approved as an UNESCO City of Literature in 2013. Throughout the city you can find various monuments and statues that pay homage to the rich history of Krakow.

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All Saints Day in Krakow

All Saints’ Day (Dzień Wszystkich Świętych) and All Souls’ Day (Dzień Zaduszny, or Dzień Wszystkich Zmarłych) respectively are November 1st and 2nd. Dedicated to prayer and paying tribute to the deceased by visiting their graves.

All Saints day Cemetery

November 1st is a bank holiday. Only public transportation and emergency workers work.

All Saints Day Gravesite

So don’t be surprised, if places are closed. As in shops, restaurants or bars. In contrast, all cemeteries are open.

All Saints Day Candles

The day, is used to reflect the loved ones no longer here. While, you are visiting a cemetery, if you see a grave without a candle, please place a candle and reflect. It is bad luck, for a grave to not have a candle, a lost soul.

All Saints Day Candles

Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy the warm glow of candle light. It is a beautiful sight.

All Saints Day Candles
All Saints Day Candles

Emily’s Guide to Krakow, is another great place, to get more information about All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

All Saints Day Candles

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University Town of Heidelberg

Founded in 1386 Heidelberg is the oldest of German universities and is one of the longest surviving universities to date. There are plenty of ways to explore the university ranging from public walking tours, private exclusive tours, or bicycle tours around the city and university. If you want to get out onto the water then there are also River Cruises available.

Heidelberg is a small college town in Germany, untouched by both WWI and WWII, and sits along a river nestled between two hills.

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Stone Mushrooms of Szczeliniec Wielki

Stone Mushrooms or Szczeliniec Wielki are located in The Table Mountains which are full of unusually shaped rocks that have a similar appearance to mushrooms. You can get to the Stone Mushrooms in the right season by bus or shared taxi. There is a small fee to enter and plenty of cafes to enjoy a treat after a day of hiking. Follow the red trail to find the top-heavy looking rock formations scattered around the park.

You can find more information at Inspirock.

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Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is well known for its mixture of modern and Gothic architecture. The sparse decorations make each individual feature inside famous cathedrals is an excellent example of Catalan Gothic architecture. If you want to save a buck then plan your trip in the morning or early evening for free entry. Visit the tomb of the patron saint of Barcelona, walk through the impressive cloisters, or admire the stained glass windows.

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Suwon Fortress and Markets

Suwon sits just south of Seoul and is a short 40+min train ride away and is well worth visiting!

The old fortress, Hwaseong Fortress, has a good portion of its walls still intact, surrounding most of the old part of Suwon and is open to the public to walk on.

Walk around the markets and try some of the foods there, take the long stairs up to the top of the hill for a spectacular view of Suwon and the old palace below. Walk around the palace during the day and take in all of the beautiful architecture and rich colors.

If you have time to watch the sunset, I suggest hanging out in front of the old palace and enjoy the colors from there. After you are done there, be sure to go into the new part of town for some Korean BBQ and a bit of nightlife fun!

Let’s go fly a kite!

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Xiangde Temple in Taroko Gorge

The Xiangde Temple in Taroko Gorge is a beautiful spot, and at the top of a long set of stairs you can see breathtaking mountainous views of the surrounding area.

Around the half-way mark of stairs you can take a pit-stop for snacks and tea from local merchants.

The Xiangde Temple is famous for the highest-elevated statue of Ksitigarbha, a bodhisattva who protects souls in hell and who vowed not to become a buddha until they are freed.

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Enjoy Tonsai/Ralay

Accessible only by long tail boat are the two beaches Tonsai and Ralay. You can switch between the two during low tide by crossing a small piece of land that divides them. Many outdoor enthusiasts will join you for the beautiful water to scuba dive, kayak, and glide on a long tail boat. After a long day on the beach enjoying the sun you can retreat to a local bar or hotel for muay thai flights and local cuisine.

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