All Saints’ Day (Dzień Wszystkich Świętych) and All Souls’ Day (Dzień Zaduszny, or Dzień Wszystkich Zmarłych) respectively are November 1st and 2nd. Dedicated to prayer and paying tribute to the deceased by visiting their graves.

All Saints day Cemetery

November 1st is a bank holiday. Only public transportation and emergency workers work.

All Saints Day Gravesite

So don’t be surprised, if places are closed. As in shops, restaurants or bars. In contrast, all cemeteries are open.

All Saints Day Candles

The day, is used to reflect the loved ones no longer here. While, you are visiting a cemetery, if you see a grave without a candle, please place a candle and reflect. It is bad luck, for a grave to not have a candle, a lost soul.

All Saints Day Candles

Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy the warm glow of candle light. It is a beautiful sight.

All Saints Day Candles
All Saints Day Candles

Emily’s Guide to Krakow, is another great place, to get more information about All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

All Saints Day Candles

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