You’ll enjoy finding History, Statues and Art in Krakow along with, so many more wonderful things to see and do. Krakow is a must-see for anyone traveling through Poland!

Costume Parade main square in Krakow

First, go into the main square and walk through the central market. There, if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a weekend outdoor market filled with delicious foods and handcrafted items that you can purchase. Also within the square you can catch parades.

Street in Krakow

Next, continue to walk around the Planty of old Krakow (which used to be the moat that surrounded it). Enjoy the art set up in it. And all the shade from the trees that arch over the paved paths! 

Art in Krakow

Third, if you walk along the riverside, be sure to go over to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river splitting Krakow. There you will find some amazing statues suspended by wires all down the bridge.

Street at Dusk in Krakow
Art Bridge in Krakow

Next, while you are walking around, enjoying the sights keep your eyes posted so not to miss anything.

Column in Krakow
Street in Krakow
Wall Art in Krakow
Dog Statue in Krakow
Tower Krakow

Again enjoy history statues and art in Krakow.

Stone Statues in Krakow
Castle and Garden in Krakow

You can also visit Two Wandering Soles to enjoy more about Krakow.

Lamp in Krakow

We have several articles about Krakow. Lastly, my favorite is All Saints Day Krakow and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


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